About SAR

For 20 years we have been specializing in workmanship services, ensuring safety, the proper functioning and maintaining the required technological parameters, guaranteeing continuity of supported devices.

Our specialty is:

  • Comprehensive maintenance services, periodic technical inspections
  • Workmanship and modernization of existing systems (if required)
  • Inspection and specialized measurements (to check efficiency and quality of functioning systems) and professional technical consultancy

Our customers are the most important financial institutions and government offices.   Another client group who characterized by increasing importance are Hospitals and medical establishments. In both cases we have to provide permanency and reliability of systems – which means  the highest standards of service. Meeting these standards of service is key importance in Hospitals and medical establishments in term of providing a safe environment for partners. Other subjects, which SAR Company is providing serve includes industrial, commercial and service companies from various sectors of economy.

We specialize in realization service agreements for Data Center type facilities on the level of  functional safety – agreements for so-called results which exist to provide the required technical parameters in continuous motion of server rooms . Organizational structure of company is subordinated to provide the render of this type service based at this same requirements level of safety.

Our future customers who will decide to go into partnership with us we are going to provide the same high quality level of service, where trust and satisfaction will guarantee the highest level of safety of functionality.

From 03.09.2004 the company has a Quality Management System: ISO 9001:2008 certificate confirming that SAR PW Sp. z o.o. meets certain quality requirements in the provision of maintenance services, maintenance and installation of ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, electrical and automation systems.ISO 9001:2008 Certificate