The structure of our maintenance activities is based on many years of experience of our engineers who are managers of technical services at buildings and work managers responsible for operation and erection of air conditioning and power engineering sectors. Since the beginning of our operations we have the goal of creating professional technical maintenance services basing on employees with appropriate educational background, professional training, required licenses and qualifications. Over year we have been collecting maintenance experience and we have been improving our organisation to perform increasingly complex services.

Now we perform regular maintenance services at over 300 buildings. We service technical installations at hospitals, banks, State administration premises, offices, production and trading facilities and other. We maintain air conditioning equipment and installations (over 5000 units, including over 100 cooling units, 200 precision air conditioning units), power engineering equipment (emergency power supply units, UPS, LV/MV switchgear , transformers), sanitary installations and automation systems with building management systems BMS.

The most interesting technical solutions maintained by our company:

  • Air conditioning and cooling system for server room with precision air conditioning units, cooling station and ice water units with total cooling power of over 2.5 MW
  • Data Center air conditioning system based on 15 freon precision air conditioning units with dry-coolers with the free-cooling function and an adiabatic spraying systems with total cooling power of over 450 kW
  • Precision air conditioning systems for Data Centers with heat load density of over 10 kW/rack
  • Air conditioning systems for operating rooms with laminar ventilation, speed regulation of the laminar ventilation flow and automation to adjust the operating parameters of the installation to individual needs of the operating team
  • Uninterrupted power supply systems to operating rooms with dedicated UPS units and IT installation with control of insulation condition
  • Uninterrupted power supply systems to server rooms with dedicated UPS units and power generation units
  • Cooling system of an office building based on ice water units and cooling station with additional cold batteries with the power of 600 kW
  • FSS air conditioning systems for office buildings
  • Honeywell automatic monitoring system for HVAC installations (over 10 000 points)
  • SAIA automatic monitoring system for HVAC installations (over 3 000 points)