The company employs engineers with many years of experience, holding building licenses, acting as site managers and contract managers and young engineers who act as site engineers. Since the beginning of our operations it has been our goal to provide clients with top quality services applying most modern technical solutions to be able to provide professional maintenance services. For many years we have been collecting experience in performance and subsequent operation of installed equipment, we have been training our staff and improved our skills to be able to provide new and increasingly complex services.

We have been performing  work of varying complexity at the facilities we maintain and with new clients. We service complex technical installations at hospitals, banks, State administration premises, offices, production and trading facilities and other.

The most interesting technical solutions performed by our company:

  • Data Center air conditioning system based on 15 freon precision air conditioning units with dry-coolers with the free-cooling function and an adiabatic spraying systems with total cooling power of over 450 kW
  • Precision air conditioning systems for Data Centers with heat load density of over 10 kW/rack – high density heat gain system of XD Liebert-Emerson type
  • Precision air conditioning systems in measurement laboratories where the following parameters are required: temperature +/- (0.3 – 0.5) °C, humidity +/- (1-3) %
  • Replacement of air dry coolers with capacity of about 460 kW each with a helicopter at a large shopping centre in Warsaw
  • Adiabatic spraying systems providing for work of air conditioning units in increased air temperatures in excess of +35°C
  • Air cleaning systems by ActivTek to improve the conditions on internal climate (elimination of unpleasant odours, reduction of duct in the air, material reduction of the number of bacteria in the air)
  • Air conditioning systems for operating rooms with laminar ventilation, speed regulation of the laminar ventilation flow and automation to adjust the operating parameters of the installation to individual needs of the operating team
  • Cooling system of an office building based on ice water units and cooling station with cold batteries with the power of 600 kW
  • FSS air conditioning systems for office buildings

With each new installation, we expand our experience and establish collaboration with new entities offering new technical solutions and new technologies.

We also support young people who can gather know-how and abilities working with experience engineers.