Comfort air-conditioning and HVAC&R Systems

Air conditioning systems in modern facilities have significant of comfort at users.  In addition to the task of providing the correct temperature, humidity and approximate amount of fresh air in the premises, these systems have other important functioning in terms of a safe operation of the facility such as decreasing in the concentrations of hazardous chemicals, and smoke extraction emergency.

In order for comfort air condition to provide such optimal parameters our engineers go trough a no. of  activities such us: correct selection of equipment, design and supervised installation of air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, power supply, cooling, automatic control systems and BMS, professional start-up and final installation tuning and specialized  periodic  maintenance service such a comprehensive approach taken towards comfort air conditioning guarantees.

Amount our engineers we have experts in highly-educated of air conditioning and ventilation, refrigeration, heating, electrical power engineering and automation, with various required licenses in construction and having many years of experience in the selection, installation, start-ups, tuning and maintenance of these systems.

If you are planning to build or modernize refrigeration air conditioning and automatic control system and you are looking for solutions to the problems with air exchanging, and ensuring the room temperature, you need to do specialized measurements, maintenances and reparation of equipment – please do not hesitate to  contact us.

We optimize investment’s costs (supply of equipment, installation), performance (optimal energy consumption, maintenance and consumables) and minimize the risk of failure (eg, production after a failure of a device).