Comprehensive building technical services

For over 20 years we have been providing maintenance technical services at various kinds of facilities such as:

  • Hospitals and health care facilities
  • Server rooms and Data Centers
  • Institutions and government offices
  • Bank institutions
  • Office builds
  • Industrial facilities
  • Commercial-service

More than 80 clients in over 300 buildings with total area of 700m2 trusted us. This includes:

  • Over 50 server rooms (precision air conditioning)
  • 13 hospitals
  • Over 60 operating rooms
  • Over 200 precision air conditioning cabinets
  • Over 100 cooling units
  • Over 5000 cooling devices, air conditioning and ventilation devices

We are specialized in provision at technical maintenance services aimed at ensuring safety, functionality and required technical parameters to guarantee the continues performance of servicer installations and cleans, such as:

  • HVAC&R Systems
    • Precision air conditioning
    • Comfort air conditioning
    • Refrigeration
    • Ventilation
    • Central heating
  • Electric power and supply systems
  • Automatic systems to control BMS
  • Low-voltage current system (SSP,DSO,CCTV,KD,SSWiN)
  • Water-sewerage systems

We offer comprehensive service of full technical infrastructure of the property:

  • Outside service 24h/365
  • Permanent service (8h at working day)
  • Periodic inspections of devices and systems
  • Assembly of devices and systems
  • Renovation, repairs and modernizations
  • Interventions service, repairing failures
  • Specialistic measurement service (e.g. volume level)
  • Expertises and energetic audits
  • HOT LINE system (24h technical support to help, take response for failures)
  • Recycling materials related to service (e.g. utilization of isotopic detectors, chemicals)

We have installation and maintenance of various systems and devices such as cooling units, SPLIT air conditioners and VRV/VRF systems,  HPAC (AHU -Air Handing Unit) and automatic control systems.

If you would like to ensure professional maintenance of work with a reliable partner of technical systems at your property, reduce the frequency and duration of facilities, reduce time to eliminate defects, have partner who will help you find optimal solutions for technical accidents and optimize operating cost, to raise users satisfaction please do not hesitate to contact us.