Power supply system and low-voltage installations

Ensuring energy safety in a building requires of professional proper implementation of plans, and designs and installation process,  as well provision and regular maintenance of both power supply equipment and electrical system itself.

We specialist in:

  • Consultancy in design, construction and operation of power supply installations and low voltage systems
  • In designing of proper supply and low voltage electrical installations
  • Introducing new solutions and modifications of existing systems for power supply systems and low voltage systems
  • Construction of electrical installations and power supply system
  • Implementation and maintenance service of low voltage installations
    • Fire Alarm System (SSP)
    • Fixed the smoke extinguishing  devices (SUO)
    • Gas Detection System (SDG)
    • Annunciation System (DSO)
    • Quick Firefighting Equipment (PSG)
    • Closed-circuit Television System (CCTV)
    • Access Control System (KD)
    • Emergency lighting
    • Spin fire retardant (passive fire protection)
    • Fire dampers
  • Service and maintenance of installations and electrical equipment (UPS, generators, trafo stations, switchgears)
  • 24 hour supervision of electrical installations
  • 24h technical support (“HOT-LINE”)
  • Expertise in power supply systems
  • Specialized services for the implementation of non-standard construction and installation solutions
  • Operational measurements of electrical installations and electrical equipment
  • Analysis of power supply system quality parameters
  • Audits of power supply systems

All works are carried out by a team of experienced well-educated  holding required qualifications and permission.

If you would like to ensure safety and proper functioning of electrical installation at your facility, minimize the risk of malfunction and facilities and shorten the time of their removal – please do not hesitate to  contact us.